Links 2020/05/11

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Majority Action’s submission for the JPMorgan Chase annual shareholder meeting (to be held May 19, 2020) titled “Vote AGAINST Lee Raymond For Independent and Climate Competent Governance at JPMorgan Chase (JPM).” The first time I’ve personally seen a sample of shareholder activism, something I’ve learned a bit about in the last couple days.

Fantastic report from Oxford from 2013 on the impact of fossil fuel divestment, for being extremely informative, clearly presented, and combining financial and sociological insights into markets. In short, direct impacts from divestment campaigns (i.e., literal money divested) is probably minimal, but indirect effects of stigmatization and increased likelihood of restrictive legislation can lead to increased uncertainty of future cash flows which can cause greater financial impact.

Short (13-page) pitch on carbon fee and dividend by James Hansen and Daniel Miller, presented for the House of Representatives in November 2019.

Good overview in NYRB on context around use of biomass for electricity. I suppose it serves as a case of how legislation and regulations that are environmental and sustainable in name can contain loopholes and exceptions that lead to environmentally destructive outcomes. Another example would be the exempting of fracking fluids from multiple environmental protection laws in the 2005 Energy Policy Act.

Great powerpoint from interfluidity, a blog I’ve only just recently discovered, on the benefits of UBI from a highly economistic perspective.

Wikipedia’s Lamest Edit Wars